Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Blog New Year Resolutions and Goals

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Sharing my New Year Resolutions for 2018 and taking a look back at 2017…



Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Blog New Year Resolutions and Goals

Hey guys! I’ve missed coming on here and sharing things I love and what’s new in my life. One of my goals for 2018 is to make my blog a top priority, share more things I love with you, connect more with my readers (YOU!), and stop holding back and show more of my personality with ya’ll! I am naturally on the shier side, but once you get to know me- and my husband and family can attest- I can be super silly and outgoing. I want to show more of my personal life, our family life, and my FAV things such as beauty, hair and fashion with you guys. I am planning on posting more on my YouTube channel and sharing some How-To videos. I’d also love to share some day in the life of being a mom videos and what my daily routine with Kennedy looks like!

I wanted to share with you more personal sides to my life and start that by reflecting back on 2017. To be honest, 2017 was such an amazing year as a new mom but also a really hard year for me at the same time. Okay, well overall it was super amazing obviously because of my sweet baby girl Kennedy, but it also had some hard and sad moments I don’t show you guys here or on my IG. Those small squares are just a highlight reel of my life. We hardly ever show our sad or unhappy moments, or when we are stressed out– and that’s okay! I love creating pretty pictures and using that space as an escape for my followers and readers and to also inspire you!

Reflecting back on 2017, it was filled with lots of ups and some downs. When we were living in Houston my husband had an amazing job but his hours honestly sucked. He usually worked from 9am to around 1-2am most nights. I was really lucky if he came home before 11pm. I had no family in Houston, which meant no help with the baby and a lot of the time the housework and care taking of Kennedy (7 days a week) all fell on me. Also seeing my husband super late or just in the morning wasn’t fun. I had gotten the hang of things early on in the year and accepted that this is “our normal.” But after long weeks of juggling those things plus blogging full-time took its toll and wore me down. I didn’t think we could maintain that family lifestyle much longer and I wanted Alex to be around Kennedy more before she really started to realize how often he was gone. So we totally shifted gears and made a big move and leap of faith to California. Alex got another amazing job and we are so grateful for this position he found! I am much more relaxed, happier, and I feel like a better mom and wife. I love getting to spend our evenings together and eating dinner together now as a family!

But besides all that, it was also so amazing! Going through life in 2017 made me SOO much stronger of a person and a mom than I ever thought I was capable of. I loved having my little bestie to do things with and show her new experiences everyday. Watching her grow and spending all day with her made our bond so incredibly strong. Having it just be her and I everyday, it made me get out of my shell and make new friends. Those are now friends I will always have and which I will always cherish.

Being forced to do hard things molds you into the person God wants you to be. Also I believe facing challenges head on and with a positive attitude will only make you stronger!

I am proud looking back at all the amazing times I had with Kennedy and the amazing bond that we share. Going into 2018, one of my goals is to really be present with everyone I am with and deepen those bonds and relationships. From family members to people at church, I want to really have those great relationships in all areas of my life. I want to also put my family first and make sure Kennedy knows she is the MOST important little angel in her mommy’s life. I want to help her learn and grow even more this year and make sure this is a year of fun and laughter! I want 2018 to be a happy, positive and most of all the most FUN year yet for our family!

I am also tired of CARING soo much what other people think and to finally let that go. I am a people pleaser and always want everyone to like me. But I really want to let that go and have people like me for me and not always try to please everyone. I want to be a better wife and truly serve much more than in years past. Alex is the definition of service and is always seeking out ways to serve those around him. So putting others first and trying to find ways to help those around me, even if it is an inconvenience, is a big goal for myself. Another major goal I have is to really force my self to workout 5 days a week and make eating healthy and being fit a top priority. I want to make sure I am healthy for my family so I can have as much energy as possible to keep up with Kennedy! Also, when I feel like I look good, I just feel SO good overall. It really gives me a boost of confidence everyday when I know I look my best!

I’m so GLAD you stopped by and read my first post here in 2018 on A Touch of Pink! I can’t wait to share some exciting things with you guys soon! You can also follow me on my IG and IG stories to see more my day-to-day updates and pics! XOXO


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