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Today is exactly a year from when Alex asked me to marry him! After Alex’s summer internship in Houston, I went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico with Alex and family! On the fourth day of our vacation, Alex wanted to go to Cobo to see the Mayan ruins and the ancient temples. I had NO clue at all he was going to propose! He had told me before the vacation he hadn’t even had time to go look at rings since he got home from Houston. I was kinda bummed it wasn’t going to happen in Mexico but he said it was going to probably be that fall. The night before he proposed, his sister Mayci even asked me if we had even talked about marriage. I was like “YEAH!” and I started thinking to myself, “has he not even told his family our plans?!” But little did I know he kept everything super secret to give me the biggest surprise, and she was just trying to throw me off!

The morning of the proposal, we woke up super early and we had our tour guide drive us to Cobo. It is soo beautiful and the area is just miles and miles of forest and trees. We had locals give us rides on bicycles to the Mayan temple. When we finally got there, I was thinking to myself I do not want to climb up that HUGE and steep temple (which was ancient and crumbling). But I just sucked it up and did it anyways. In case you didn’t know, my number one and biggest fear is heights, so I was quite proud of myself for actually climbing up! When we got to the top of the ruin, Alex’s family said “let us get a picture of you two.” So Alex and I were posing for pictures, and they were all facing us, with their gopros and cameras capturing this moment. Then after a little bit, I can tell Alex started to get really nervous all of a sudden and start to fumble a little bit. From then, I kind of knew something was up. haha After struggling for a few seconds to get the ring box out of his pocket, he proposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of went into shock for a little bit and felt like I was dreaming- then just started crying and looking so silly! haha All your life you dream and imagine this moment, so when it actually happens if is so surreal! I was actually shaking and felt a little dizzy! Besides our wedding day, it was the most AMAZING day of my entire life!!!! Also, I loved how his family was there to witness our engagement and celebrate in that moment with us! I couldn’t imagine spending eternity with anyone but my sweetie. He is not only the most amazing husband, but the best friend I’ve ever had. He is my everything and I’m so eternally grateful God helped us find each other!



CURLING IRON: Enzo Milano | TOP: Anthropologie | LIPSTICK: Miley Viva Glam by MAC

Hey guys! So today I’m sharing with you how to ahieve big, volumous, beachy waves! I got the inspiration for this look back when I saw the Victoria Secret Fashion show a couple years ago, and have been re-creating the look ever since! This is my every day, go-to hair style and pretty much never stray from this look! It is flattering on every hair style and hair color as well. Be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel and “like” the video if you want more tutorials! Hope you enjoy re recreating this look! Feel free to comment or email me with any questions! XOXO


Chunky Dutch Side Bride Tutorial

Hi guys! I had a few requests to show how I do this chunky side dutch braid I wore on my lastest blog post and on my Instagram- so here is a tutorial on how to do it! To achieve this braid, you will need:

1. Clear elastics (or any kind, but those ones look best :) )

2. Hair brush- To brush away any knots or frizz

3. Dirty hair- I notice my braids look best when my hair is dirty! It’s also an easy hairstyle to do when you don’t have time to wash and blow dry!

4. Hair Extensions (optional)- I wear my Bellami Hair Extensions all the time, and especially when I wear my hair in braids! It just makes it soo easy to achieve that thick and long beautiful braided look!

5. Bobbie Pins- Just in case you need to tuck away any unwanted stray hairs!

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Everyday Makeup Routine Tutotrial

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my very first youtube video about my everyday makeup routine! I get asked a lot about what products I use and how I apply my makeup, so I thought you guys would appreciate this video! I’m not a professional makeup artist, but I have always loved doing makeup for my family and friends and I am obsessed with makeup and beauty products! Most of the techniques and tricks I’ve picked up over the years have actually been from watching and observing other makeup artists do my makeup for acting. I would always ask them questions on how they did something and what their favorite products to use are. I hope this video is helpful and let me know if there is any other kinds of videos you want me do!