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SHIRT C/O: Choies | JEANS: Nordstrom (similar here) | PURSE: Tory Burch | SANDALS: Report (sold out) (similar here and here) | BRACELETS: Baublebar | SUNGLASSES: Forever 21 | NECKLACE: Taudrey Jewelry | WATCH: Marc Jacobs 

On Tuesday my mom flew in to come visit Alex and I here in New York City! I was soo excited when she told me she was coming and right away made a list of things we needed to do and places to eat at! My friend recommended the Cafe at Bergdorf Goodman for it’s amazing view of Central Park, the delicious food, and beautiful decor. I loved the Art Deco decor inside the cafe, and after sitting in those giant chairs, I want to get some for my home! They are the perfect reading and napping chairs 😉 After lunch at Bergdorf Goodman, we walked to The Plaza Hotel and all the stores on 5th Avenue! Something about New York City is so magical and I fall in love with it everyday! I wore this cut out tee from Choie’s with my olive green jeans! I’m slowly starting to transition my wardrobe from bright, colorful summer pieces to more neutral, earthy tones for fall. I love olive green for fall and will definitely be wearing these jeans throughout the season! Hope you guys have a Happy Friday! Thanks for reading! XOXO




^^ Hubby’s first day of work on Wall Street! So proud of my sweetie!IMG_7721

^^ Chelsea Market


^^ The cutest brownstones around Greenwich VillageIMG_7744 ^^ I walked from Chelsea to SoHo and had to stop at these beautiful daises in the parkIMG_7747 IMG_7809 IMG_7814

^^ SoHo is filled with the best shopping and restaurants! IMG_7819 IMG_7831

^^ I had Lombardi’s pizza for lunch, and it was pretty amazinggg!

Hey guys! So after a crazy and stressful Sunday of missing my flight and spending ALL day in airports, I made it to NYC! I have been so excited to get here and start exlporing this amazing city! I had on my bucket list to live in NYC at least once in my life, so I guess I can count this right?! 😉 We will be here for a month while my husband is training for his Investment Banking job. While he’s out working all day, I’ll be exploring the city until he gets off! On my first day here in NYC on Monday, I had so much I wanted to see and do! I walked to Chelsea Market early in the morning and made my way through Tribeca and Greenwich Village then to SoHo! I did some shopping in SoHo because they have the BEST shopping around! Tons of cool stores and restaurants everywhere! Next I made my way to Little Italy and loved seeing all the Italian restaurants! I had a small margarhietia pizza from Lombardi’s pizzeria for lunch but could only finish half. I saved the rest for Alex when he got off work. After walking for a few miles, and a few blisters later, I decided to hop on the subway and go back to our apartment until Alex got off of work!


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We spent the weekend here last week and had the best time!!! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! I love the food, things to do and see, and the beautiful scenery! There are endless amounts of food options in the city, but we always tend to go back to our favorites. We tried a few new places this time such as La Taqueria, Bite, and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! I would definitely recommend having a list of places you want to eat at and things you want to see and plan your days. It is easy to get side tracked and lost, especially if you aren’t familiar with the city and the transportation. You can be wanting to see one thing and the next place you want to see can be on the complete other side of town. But planning the things you want to see ahead of time makes getting them checked off your list much easier- and it saves your feet too! Below I listed my favorite restaurants and things to do while in San Francisco! Hope you find it useful the next time you go!



1. Ike’s Place- This is an amazing sandwich shop with various locations throughout the city! We always get the Menage a Trois or the MILF! Seriously some of the best sandwiches in the world! Last time we were here, we picked up some sandwiches and brought them with us to the park across from the Painted Ladies and had a picnic!

2. Henry’s Hunan- The most amazing asian restaurant I’ve ever been to!! My husband started bringing me here last year, and we ALWAYS go here whenever we visit San Francisco! The chinese chicken salad, Henry’s special, Diana’s special (meat pie), and the string beans and chicken are our favorite dishes! The staff is also very friendly and the service is great. Trust me and go here for dinner one night, I promise you won’t regret it!

3. La Taquaria- This mexican restaurant on Mission Street is one of the best Mexican food spots in San Francisco! I got carnitas tacos “dorado” style, which is a crispy taco on the outside and a soft taco on the inside, and my husband got the carne aside burrito “dorado” style which he said was amazing as well!! The line started getting pretty long during lunch time, so get here early to beat the crowd!

4. Gharadelli Sqaure- Located right near Fisherman’s Wharf, it is a definite must-go place while in San Francisco! I’m not a big chocolate fan and neither is my husband, but we both love going here when we go to the city! They have the most delicious desserts, variety of chocolates, and ice cream! We got a Carmel sundae and it was heavenly!

5. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana- This cute italian restaurant is in Little Italy! They have a pizza bar where you can sit and watch them handmake the pizzas! We got the a margarita pizza and a prosciutto and arugula pizza.

6. Bite- We went here for lunch our first day in San Francisco, and loved it! This place is known for their rotisserie chicken and they have really good different types of chicken sandwiches and dutch crunch bread! A perfect lunch spot when you are in the city!

7. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse- Yummy sugar coated donuts that are filled with different flavored fillings! We tried the chocolate and raspberry/rose fillings, which were soo delicious! They also have cruffins (cronuts and muffins) which we didn’t try, but I hear are amazing too! Be sure to get there early or right when it opens to beat the long line and to  get them before they sell out. There are two separate lines for the cruffins and one for the donuts, so be sure to ask which line you’re waiting in before you start! Side note: they are open until 2:30pm but tend to sell out of all the donuts and cruffins between 11am-12pm.

8. Creme- This dessert place is in Downtown Palo Alto, but if you are ever venturing outside the city this is the place to go! They have the yummiest ice cream sandwiches and homemade cookies! It is located right in Downtown Palo Alto, and there are lots of cute lunch and dinner spots and shops around there too!


1. Nob Hill in San Francisco

2. Chinatown- Visit a fortune cookie factory and buy a bag of fresh and warm fortune cookies!

3. Pacific Heights to see all the cute houses

4. The Painted Ladies aka “The Full House” house

5. Have a picnic on the park across from the Painted Ladies

6. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and/or rent a bike and ride it across!

7. Visit Downtown Palo Alto- so many cute stores and yummy places to eat!

8. Fisherman’s Wharf- get a bread bowl of clam chowder!

9. Go to a Giant’s game! I love AT&T Stadium!

10. Go across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

11. Union Square- The place for some great shopping and sightseeing!

12. Hop on a Trolley and have it take you up and down the steep hills of San Fran!

13. Lombard Street aka “The Crooked Street”

14. Gharadelli Square

15. Little Italy

16. Coit Tower

17. San Francisco Flower Mart

18. The Palace of Fine Arts

19. Lock a “love lock” on the Golden Gate Bridge

20. Alcatraz (bring a jacket)!



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We spent a day in Carmel and absolutely LOVED this place! I had been here before when I was a little kid, but obviously didn’t truly appreciate this cute town! We first stopped in Carmel Village at this yummy restaurant called Basil. Next, we explored the town and went in all the cute shops and bakeries. The fog was rolling through and it looked so cool! It was kind of chilly when we went in the middle of June, so I recommend bringing a jacket with you just in case! It also rains a lot here too, so an umbrella might come in handy too 😉 After exploring the town, we hopped in our car and went on the 17-mile drive up the coast!  It was the most beautiful scenic drive I’ve been seen!!! Everything was so picturesque, I was just oooing and awing the whole time! I wore the SOFTEST and comfiest sweater from Wildfox during our road trip and stay in Carmel!! It kept me really warm and I can seriously live in it because it’s sooo soft and cute! It is sold out already but I linked some more of my favorite sweaters from Wildfox below!



1. Basil- This cute restaurant is in the middle of downtown Carmel and tucked away in a quant building. I got the pork belly sliders with a spring salad, and my husband got the burger. Both were super tasty, and everything there is organic and locally grown which I love!

2. Carmel Bakery & Coffee Shop- They have a bunch of delicious pastries and drinks to choose from! The cannoli’s and cinnamon rolls are amazing!

3. Rocky Point Restaurant- This restaurant is located right on the beach, and has an array of different seafood dishes which is great for seafood lovers!


1. Explore the shop in downtown Carmel

2. 17-Mile Drive

3. Take a picture at the lone cypruss

4. Pebble Beach Golf Course

5. Monterey Bay Aquarium

6. See the sea otters and seals in Monterey

7. Stay at one of the many cute Inn’s around town and have breakfast in bed

8. Drive around and see all the beautiful and charming houses around Carmel

9. Shopping in the Village

10. Point Lobos


DSC03560 DSC03559 DSC03557 DSC03556 DSC03555 DSC03540 DSC03547 DSC03549 DSC03551 DSC03537 DSC03536 DSC03534 DSC03526 DSC03529 DSC03531 DSC03525 DSC03523 DSC03518 DSC03521 DSC03520COVER UP: Nordstrom | MOROCCAN STRAW PURSE: Nordstrom | SANDALS: Topshop | TASSEL BRACELETS C/O: Accessory Concierge | INITAL BAR NECKLACE: Baublebar | LIPSTICK: Yu by Nars

I wore this cute embroidered cover-up in Curacao and absolutely loved it! The embroidered blue details caught my eye and the fit is soo perfect and comfy! It kinda reminded me of a Grecian feel especially with my gold gladiator sandals 😉 Curacao was the second island we visited in the Caribbean. Let’s just say it was pretty hot and humid, but exploring this island was quite the adventure! We arrived at the port town called Willemstad and decided to explore the town for a bit. The city has a lot of bright colored buildings and it looks a lot like the Netherlands. It has lots of tiny clothing stores everywhere and shops to buy souvenirs. We found this farmer’s market filled with fresh fruit and vegetables on the side of the street. The men had set up their food stands along the river and their boats were parked next to their stands. The men live on their boats and travel 40 miles back and forth from Venezuela to Curacao to bring fresh vegetables and fruits to the island. The island is a desert and doesn’t get any rain, so the only produce they get is imported from South America. I thought it was kinda crazy how they live and work on those tiny boats all their lives!

After exploring the city, we wanted to check out this beach which supposedly is the most beautiful beach on the island. We took the bus which only cost $2.50 a person compared to $30 a person with a taxi roundtrip!! But the bus had wifi and was air conditioned so it was all good :) The bus took us through the tiny villages on the outskirts of town and through the desert terrain of the island. Everything was so different looking than what the pictures online showed, so I was getting kind of worried. Finally after about an hour, the bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road and said “the beach is a 20 minute walk that way,” and pointed to the ocean in the distance. So we hauled our butts and bags 20 minutes and finally made it to “the most beautiful beach” in Curacao. I was kinda disappointed because it was run down and everything was chained and boarded up. The only thing pretty about it was basically the water. There were a few stray animals walking around the beach, two cats and a very skinny dog, so seeing that broke my heart! I’m almost certain someone just dropped them off there because there wasn’t any houses anywhere near the beach. I just wish I had some food and water to give them, they looked soo skinny but were so sweet to us! We spent a couple hours there and decided to head back to town. All in all, the big city in Caracao was probably my favorite part of the island and seeing all the bright colored buildings was pretty awesome!