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Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Blog New Year Resolutions and Goals

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Sharing my New Year Resolutions for 2018 and taking a look back at 2017…



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DRESS: ASOS Maternity (LOVE this one too!) | SANDALS: Target | LIP GLOSS: Turkish Delight by NARS | INVITES: | THANK YOU CARDS: Home Goods (similar here) | BABY BUCKET LIST & ADVICE CARD ….. I also used these prints here & here! | GOLD BABY BOWS: CharlieCoco’s

Happy Wednesday guys! Today I wanted to share with you some pictures from my baby shower!! I wanted to have a french themed shower and have it kind of go along with how I’m decorating her nursery! I had it here in Houston at the cutest french crepe place called Sweet Paris! They have the yummiest crepes and you feel like you’re in Paris! My friends Morning and Stacey found the perfect invites from that matched that theme and said “Bonjour Bebe!” I wanted my shower to be simple yet pretty, and not a lot of over-the-top decorations you usually see at some baby showers. My friend Claudia did the most gorgeous floral arrangements for the tables, which gave it a feminine and classic feel!

Alex’s parents were able to come out for the weekend and help us celebrate our baby girl!! They are so excited for her arrival in September and she is lucky to have them as Grandparents soon! In addition to my face and hands, my feet are soo swollen that I had to go out and get new sandals for the rest of my pregnancy. I wanted something besides a flip flop to wear with my dress, and the only sandal I found that fit perfectly was from Target! I went from a size 8 to a size 10!!! Let’s just hope it goes back down after the baby is born! ha! The dress I wore is from ASOS and when I saw it online I immediately loved it! I ordered a light pink version of the dress just in case I ended not liking the other one in person, but I thought the floral print stood out more! But I still love the light pink version too and plan on keeping it!

The shower was so much fun and had some great friends come to join in celebrating our baby girl!!! She got the cutest gifts and we’re so blessed to have such generous friends and family! She is already so loved and spoiled!

Since I’m 31 weeks now, I’m starting to feel the crunch of having to get everything done before she arrives! Sometimes it feels like it’s so far away and can’t wait for her to get here, and other times I’m like I need more time to prepare!! I had already signed up for some hospital classes to take with Alex, so we will be spending some weekends in the next month doing those and learning more about our little babe! I have so much I still want to get done before she comes in September and my baby checklist is so long still! It’s hard when I’m on bed rest, yet I’m pretty much the only one that can get this stuff done because my husband works long hours during the week. I try to do mostly everything sitting down during the day, so I’m not on my feet a lot!! I still debating on things I need to get her and this first time mom needs some advice! If you have any recommendations of things I should do to prepare for the baby and baby products you recommend let me know in the comments below!

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MATERNITY DRESS: Envie de Fraise (now on sale!) | SANDALS: Tory Burch | BRACELET: Charming Charlie

Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve missed posting and keeping you all updated! Today I am 30 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited to be this far along! When I was around 12 weeks, 30 weeks seemed sooo far away! I have only about 10 weeks left and I’m officially in the third trimester! I wanted to share with you all the symptoms I’ve been having so far and how my pregnancy has been going.

So about a month ago, I had to go to the hospital (while my husband happened to be out of town), because I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid and I was having really bad stomach cramps. They admitted me into Labor & Delivery (L & D), and hooked me and my belly up to the monitors. It showed that I was having some contractions and they did some additional testing on the fluid. The fluid I thought I was leaking came back negative, so it was probably just pee haha- so embarrassing!! There are things in pregnancy you didn’t know can happen I guess! But they wanted to check my cervix and do some other checks. They found that my cervix was really soft and was thinning. Also that I was dilated 1/2 cm. Hearing this at 26 weeks was so scary! Immediately I thought about how can this be happening and what would happen to the health of my baby if I did go into pre-term labor?!? After discovering that, my doctor put me on strict bed rest and wanted to see me at his office that Monday morning. So that Monday, he checked me again and said it was still thin but it was not as soft as it was on Saturday. I was so bummed because we had our babymoon vacation to San Diego already booked and planned for the following week. The doctor told me to stay on bed rest and to come back and see him in a week to see if going on my vacation was any way possible. I hoped things would get better over the week and I pretty much spent ALL day and night laying down in bed. Which initially sounds relaxing and fun, but after a couple days I was SO over it. I saw him the following Monday before our vacation, and he checked me again. I was so sad when he said things had not gotten better and he said I can absolutely not go on our trip. I was so sad because I had been counting down the days until our trip together and was so excited to spend some quality time with just me and Alex before the baby arrives. So we had to cancel our flights and everything, and just go back to bed rest until 32 weeks.

So this last week (at 29 weeks), I went in for my glucose test, I got my whooping cough shot, Rhogam shot, and an ultrasound appt. To be honest, I was not looking forward to doing the glucose test. You have to fast all morning and are only allowed a few sips of water. Then they make you drink a very sugary drink, which drinking on an empty stomach kinda made me more nauseous. Then, I had to wait an hour and come back so they can draw my blood to test for Gestational Diabetes. But while I was waiting, I went ahead and got my shots and my ultrasound! I got to see my little baby which is always so amazing and makes me so happy!!! I love hearing her heartbeat and seeing her adorable little feet and hands and cute face! The doctor said she is weighing a little more than average which I’m so happy about and everything else is looking good! :) I’m so grateful to hear that and it just makes mama’s heart so happy! My doctor is so sweet and always answers all of my millions of questions I have at every appointment haha! If you are looking for a great OBGYN in the Houston, Texas area, email or comment below and I will let you know! Also, during the ultrasound, he measured my cervix again and said it is still a little thin. I asked him if it would be okay to do light activities- such as going to lunch or dinner, church or going to a friends house, and he said I was allowed to start doing those things! I’m supposed to be laying down or sitting reclined 95% of the time, but he said if I wanted to do a few things around the house or do things where I’m going to be sitting down the whole time, it’s okay! I honestly couldn’t imagine being on bed rest 24/7 and not being able to get anything done or get out of the house ever. I was already going stir-crazy, so this was music to my ears! My doctor also did a 3D ultrasound of my baby and got the cutest shot of her face! :)



Symptoms: I’ve been feeling really swollen- especially in my face, hands, ankles and feet!!! I have occasionally cramps and stomach pains, but I’m assuming they are just round ligament pains. Also, I have been getting contractions, especially at night and early morning which I think is weird! But my doctor said not to really worry unless I get 6 contractions within one hour. I have suffered with being very tired throughout my whole pregnancy, but it has defiantly gotten worse now that I’m in the third trimester! I can doze off anywhere and any time of the day! haha

Wedding ring on or off: I finally had to take off my wedding rings off about a week ago!

Cravings: I have been craving watermelon, cold grapes, sprinkled donuts, greek yogurt, and Mexican food!! (mainly chips and salsa) :) I’m also really thirsty all the time, so I crave ice cold water!

How far along: I am 30 weeks!

What are we most excited about next: I’m so excited for my baby shower this weekend and getting to celebrate my baby with family and friends! Also, I’m so excited to put the finishing touches on her nursery, which is almost competed!!!

Movement: She has been moving like crazy since about 20 weeks! She kicks really hard when I drink ice cold water eating anything spicy, play music for her (her favorite is Calvin Harris and the Little Mermaid soundtrack), or when Alex talks to her when he comes home from work! She also kicks sooo hard when I’M hungry. So that probably means she’s telling me to eat so she can eat too! haha

Aversions: Plain chicken has grossed me out since the beginning, and sometimes too many vegetables. But besides that, nothing else has seemed to gross me out!

Weight gain: So far I’ve gained 20 pounds! I know… so scary that I put on that much weight lol But I haven’t been able to exercise at all and I only eat when I’m hungry, so I believe my body knows what I need to help grow my baby girl! During my pregnancy I wanted to make sure I didn’t deprive myself or my baby but limiting what I eat or stressing too much about it! But I can’t wait to get back into my regular workout routine and super healthy eating after baby girl comes!

Physical changes: Besides being swollen and puffy, my feet have grown so much!! I’m at least 1 or 2 sizes bigger now, and literally none of my shoes fit me anymore. I have to squeeze into my flip flips, but my heel is hanging out and my feet are so wide now ;( I’m just hoping they go back to normal after the baby comes because I do not want to buy all new shoes! My eye sight has also gotten SO bad! Like I had literally perfect vision before I was pregnant, and now I can barely read signs or see things at a distance. So I guess wearing glasses and contacts for now on is the plans! Also, my belly is getting so big!!! Random strangers will now ask if I’m due any day now haha Also, my boobs have grown like 3 cup sizes already, and my belly button is popping out!


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Since the day we found out I was pregnant we have been dying to tell the whole world the amazing news!!! We cannot be more excited, happy, nervous, anxious and giddy to be a mommy and daddy to this beautiful gift that’s inside of me! We knew since we started dating that we both wanted to be young parents and have a (semi) large family! So about 9 months after we were married, we decided it’s time to start trying for our baby! Luckily, the third month I got pregnant! I know how hard it is for some to get pregnant, and my heart aches for those who have to go through that. So we feel so incredibly blessed that I got pregnant when I did!

I didn’t even think I was pregnant and certainly didn’t feel pregnant at the time, but one night I just had this thought come to me saying to get a pregnancy test. First I thought it was way too early to detect (like 6 days early), and I just wasn’t even feeling any symptoms but I also didn’t have any PMS symptoms either! But something kept telling me to take the test! So I went and got a pregnancy test anyways and took the test around 8pm at night! I just set it down and RIGHT AWAY it showed up dark red! Like no waiting or anything haha I couldn’t believe my eyes and was just in a state of shock! My whole life I have imagined this moment and I’ve dreamt and prayed for the day I get to see that big fat positive! It started to hit me and I kept jumping up and down and screaming by myself haha! Alex was still at work, and I couldn’t wait to tell him the amazing news! So when Alex came home from work, I told him I had cookies I made for him in the oven. I also secretly set up the camera on the steps of the stairs towards the kitchen to videotape his reaction, but right away he saw it!! He was like “why is the camera on?” I got nervous and didn’t want to be too obvious I was trying to secretly videotape him so I just said, “Oh that’s weird! I don’t know why its on! Haha” I was like darn, scratch that plan! I just felt like if I said “no keep it on,” it would give away the surprise and we would catch on. But I told him I have something in the oven for him- get it “a bun in the oven ;)”- and for him to go get it. Before he got home I wrapped the pregnancy test in tin foil and put it in the oven. Get it, a bun in the oven?! 😉 I told him to get the cookies I made for him in the oven! So he opened the oven and unwrapped the foil and saw the test! He was soo confused and didn’t understand, but a few seconds later it all clicked and he was sooo happy and excited! We both just hugged and kissed each other and couldn’t stop saying it feels like were in a dream!

These past 12 weeks of being pregnant have been the most exciting and happy times ever! I felt pretty good, but around week 6-7 I started getting morning sickness (more like all day sickness) and super tired all the day! But luckily the morning sickness has pretty much gone away and I’m starting to feel so much better!

At our 7 week scan we saw our little baby and got to see and HEAR the heartbeat! I couldn’t belive it and hearing it was so beautiful and music to my ears! All I can say was “wow it is so loud!” We had another scan at 10.5 weeks and we couldn’t belive how much the baby has grown and changed already! It’s starting to look more like a baby and it’s limbs grew much longer! We also saw the baby moving and the baby did a little wave to us! Alex videotapes every ultrasound appointment, so I have probably re-watched that video about 100 times! I also just find myself just starting at our baby in the ultrasound picture ALL the time! I just can’t believe this beautiful baby is INSIDE of my tummy!!!

So far, I have been craving mostly salty foods and I’m pretty much never craving anything sweet! I’ve been trying to eat healthy and eat foods such as yogurt, eggs, salads, proteins, and fruits and veggies! I haven’t really had any specific cravings, just mainly salty foods! We want to find out the gender as soon as we can!

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of Baby: A large plum

Symptoms: Nausea but it’s been fading, tired ALL the time, breaking out :( , bloated, and always hungry! Fun times! haha

Cravings: Pasta and pretty much anything salty!

Aversions: I used to love eating chicken and I just couldn’t do it the past few weeks. Literally looking at chicken would make me gag! But it’s starting to slowly taste good to me again!

Sleep: I have been sooo tired throughout the day, so I usually take a nap during the day and so far have been getting a full nights rest!

Excited for: Our 15 week appointment! I’m keeping my finger’s crossed we will be able to find out the gender at that appointment! I’m so anxious and SO excited, and I have been trying to keep myself busy because time seems to be going sooo slow. I just want it to be April already!

Missing: Hot baths and working out! I haven’t really been able to do my workouts everyday like I used to since I started getting morning sickness! I’m hoping since I’m starting to feel better, I’ll be able to workout more in the second trimester!

Movement: None so far!


Today is exactly a year from when Alex asked me to marry him! After Alex’s summer internship in Houston, I went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico with Alex and family! On the fourth day of our vacation, Alex wanted to go to Cobo to see the Mayan ruins and the ancient temples. I had NO clue at all he was going to propose! He had told me before the vacation he hadn’t even had time to go look at rings since he got home from Houston. I was kinda bummed it wasn’t going to happen in Mexico but he said it was going to probably be that fall. The night before he proposed, his sister Mayci even asked me if we had even talked about marriage. I was like “YEAH!” and I started thinking to myself, “has he not even told his family our plans?!” But little did I know he kept everything super secret to give me the biggest surprise, and she was just trying to throw me off!

The morning of the proposal, we woke up super early and we had our tour guide drive us to Cobo. It is soo beautiful and the area is just miles and miles of forest and trees. We had locals give us rides on bicycles to the Mayan temple. When we finally got there, I was thinking to myself I do not want to climb up that HUGE and steep temple (which was ancient and crumbling). But I just sucked it up and did it anyways. In case you didn’t know, my number one and biggest fear is heights, so I was quite proud of myself for actually climbing up! When we got to the top of the ruin, Alex’s family said “let us get a picture of you two.” So Alex and I were posing for pictures, and they were all facing us, with their gopros and cameras capturing this moment. Then after a little bit, I can tell Alex started to get really nervous all of a sudden and start to fumble a little bit. From then, I kind of knew something was up. haha After struggling for a few seconds to get the ring box out of his pocket, he proposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of went into shock for a little bit and felt like I was dreaming- then just started crying and looking so silly! haha All your life you dream and imagine this moment, so when it actually happens if is so surreal! I was actually shaking and felt a little dizzy! Besides our wedding day, it was the most AMAZING day of my entire life!!!! Also, I loved how his family was there to witness our engagement and celebrate in that moment with us! I couldn’t imagine spending eternity with anyone but my sweetie. He is not only the most amazing husband, but the best friend I’ve ever had. He is my everything and I’m so eternally grateful God helped us find each other!