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Blogger Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share with you guys our baby girl’s nursery! It has been a work in progress for a while now, and I started decorating pretty early on! I’m SO happy everything came together perfectly and it is finally complete…

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GREY DRESS c/o: Sew Trendy Accessories | LIP GLOSS: “Turkish Delight” by NARS | NAIL POLISH: “Fiji” by Essie

I can breath a huge sigh of relief and check this off my endlessly long to-do list! haha I couldn’t have done it without the help of my Hubby, who spent hours putting everything together for me! He is going to be the sweetest and best daddy! Her room is our favorite in our home! I love just going in there and day dreaming about her being in here soon with me!

When I first started designing her nursery, I first thought about the colors I wanted for it and then wrote down the look I was envisioning. I wanted something girly and pink (of course 😉 ), light and airy, and etherial looking! I wanted blush pink, gold, grey, and ivory colors in her room! I first got the comfy blush pink Delta Children’s Emma Tufted Glider and sort of designed the rest of the room around that! I love the color of the glider- it’s the perfect dusty, blush pink color- which is exactly the shade of pink I wanted! I can’t wait to nurse her in it and read books to her every night! Then, I ordered her crib from Pottery Barn and I couldn’t be happier with it!! I knew I wanted something light colored and gender neutral, so we would be able to use it in our future kids’ nurseries as well! I love all of their furniture, decor and accessories for nurseries! I also got her pink tulle butterfly crib skirt from Pottery Barn and a butterfly crib sheet as well! I then designed and ordered a matching pink crib bumper from Carousel Designs and some other accessories such as a changing pad cover, more crib sheets, a lamp shade, and diaper stacker! When I ordered the crib bumper, I didn’t know anything about them being dangerous for babies. So now it is just for decoration, but I will be taking it out when she starts sleeping in her crib! I knew I wanted something pretty above her crib, and got some inspiration from IG, Pinterest and friends to do paper flowers! I think it really completes the room, ties all the colors together, and adds some texture to the walls. I also love her dresser/ changing station!! I spent hours researching the perfect dresser and trying to find the right color I wanted. I came across this one from Wayfair and knew it would be perfect for her nursery. It’s the perfect width and length for her changing pad and everything else I needed to store in there. It is also pretty reasonable compared to the more expensive furniture I was looking at getting.

I hope you guys enjoyed her nursery reveal! I am also hosting a Giveaway as well with some of my favorite baby companies, which will be on my IG tomorrow August 18th (@katelynpjones)! So stay tuned for that! Hope you guys enjoy and comment below if you have any questions! XOXO


Room Details:

Paper Flowers: Paper Flower Girls c/o

Mobile: Sproutling Co. c/o

Crib: Pottery Barn

Crib Skirt: Pottery Barn

Crib Bumper: Carousel Designs  c/o (custom made)

Crib Sheet: Smashcompany c/o

Gold Crib Pillow: Target

Mermaid Doll: Blabla Kids c/o

Ballerina Doll: Dollies for Lou c/o

Unicorn: Jelly Cat

Pink Bunny: Jelly Cat

Lamb: Pottery Barn

Moccasins: Freshly Picked c/o

White Shaggy Rug: Rugs Rugs c/o (DISCOUNT- 15% OFF w/code: atouchofpink15)

Grey Rug: Rugs Rugs c/o (DISCOUNT- 15% OFF w/code: atouchofpink15)

Delta Children’s Emerson Tufted Glider: Delta Children c/o (here as well)

Polka Dot Pillow: Anthropologie

Doll: Pottery Barn

Mirrored Side Table: Overstock

Lamp: Shade- Carousel Designs c/o + Base: Target

Flowers: Home Goods

Unicorn Rocker: Rockabye c/o (DISCOUNT- 40% OFF sitewide w/code: summer40)

Drapes: Overstock

Dresser: Wayfair

Pom Pom Bins: Pehr Design  c/o (hamper + bin) (DISCOUNT- 30% OFF ALL BINS w/code: pencils)

Mirror: Target

Diaper Pail: Munchkin c/o

Smart Changing Pad: Hatch Baby c/o

Baby Skin Products: Zoe Organics c/o (available here as well)

“Hello World” Picture Frame: Nordstrom

Silver Tray: Home Goods

Small White Flower: Target

Pacifier: Wubanub

Diaper Stacker: Carousel Desings c/o

Floating Shelves: Target

Nightlight: Nordstrom

“Create a Life You Love” Picture: Home Goods

Small Silver Picture Frame: Aaron Brothers




Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink OwletKatelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Baby Product Cute Baby GirlKatelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Baby MonitorKatelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby MonitorKatelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Baby Monitor Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Smart Sock 2 Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet Baby Girl Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Owlet


Right after my daughter Kennedy was born, they quickly took her away form me and she was admitted to the NICU. I have written a full in depth about what happened and her birth story here, but I’ll share a quick recap. She had gotten my Group B Strep infection (which my doctor had told me I didn’t have when I was pregnant) and another infection from me being in labor so long. She spent two weeks there on antibiotics to get rid of the infections, and right after she was born she had a couple sleep apnea episodes. Hearing all of these things that was going on with my baby was really scaring me, while I laid in my hospital room trying to recover and get some rest- which I hardly did that first week. While she was in the NICU, they had her heart rate and oxygen levels monitored 24/7, and the nurses were able to go to her quickly if anything was wrong or levels were off. Finally after two weeks of being in the NICU, we were able to bring my beautiful daughter Kennedy home!!! It felt like Christmas day and it was one of the best moments of my life driving away with her and finally taking her home with us. After all that happened with Kennedy in the first weeks of her life, especially her having had some sleep apnea episodes, I was so incredibly happy I had my Owlet baby monitor all set up to use at home. It gave me so much peace of mind and made us feel more calm about her sleeping here at home with us.

The Owlet Baby Monitor uses pulse oximetry to track your baby’s hear rate and oxygen levels and you can get real time updates of the levels directly on your phone through the Owlet App. You can check your baby anytime while they are sleeping, and if the levels fall outside of the preset zones of being too low or too high, you’re designed to be notified both on the app and the Base Station. A “red notification” is the type of notification you’re designed to get when the oxygen or heart rate levels are too low or too high. We have had the “red notification” sound two times, and my husband and I were quickly able to go to Kennedy and wake her up to tend to her. Kennedy is now six months old and we have been using it from the day were brought her home from the hospital!

A “red alarm” is the type of notification you will get when the oxygen or heart rate levels are too low or too high. We have had the “red alarm” sound two times, and my husband and I were quickly able to go to Kennedy and wake her up to tend to her. Kennedy is now six months old and we have been using it from the day were brought her home from the hospital!

I recently got the new Smart Sock 2, which is the new and improved design of the original Owlet Smart Sock. I was so excited to try the new sock out, because I have read so many great things about the design. The Owlet product is something we have used every single day for six months, so having a product come out with a new and improved design was so amazing! There are SO many great things I love about the new sock and I am so happy with the new changes. First off, I love the new wrap around design of the sock. With the original sock, Kennedy would sometimes be able to kick it off during her sleep, and the sock would be hard to get really secure. The new Smart Sock 2 has a strap that wraps around her ankle and it is so much mores secure. Kennedy has not been able to kick it off during her sleep with this new sock! Secondly, I love how there is writing on the inside which tells you where to place the sock (see photo below).


The strap that wraps around the foot is also wider than the previous one, which I think makes my baby more comfortable and it is easier for it to stay on with this as well. The updated sock also allows the toes to be open which makes it more breathable and comfortable for my baby. The sock can also be alternated between both feet, so you can give one foot a break or not have to worry about getting the correct sock for each foot. Just be sure to remember, the dome goes on the top for the right foot and the dome goes on the bottom for the left foot. Also, the bluetooth range as increased between the Smart Sock 2 and the base station- it is now a 12x increase (100 feet)!

It has been by far my favorite baby product and the #1 thing I recommend to parents of infants or my friends who are expecting soon! I have used it every single day since she was brought home. The nights I forgot to charge it, I really could not sleep at night because I didn’t have that peace of mind that the Owlet gives me. I am so grateful for modern technology and all the amazing baby products that help parents so much now. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 makes the perfect baby shower gift as well!

ALSO, with the Spring Promo going on right now, you can get a FREE pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins First Pair Collection with your purchase of Owlet’s Smart Sock 2!!!

*Owlet is intended to provide peace of mind. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.



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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




I have been looking forward to writing this post and sharing my review of the Beaba Babycook Pro since I started using it! I have also been looking forward to Kennedy turning 6 months old so I can start making her food myself with this amazing device. So far I have been following the guide on what is recommended to feed 6 month olds. I have made Kennedy sweet pea puree, butternut squash, avocado puree, strawberry and banana puree, and plain banana puree. I fed her each food by itself for a few days to make sure she didn’t have any allergic reaction. Her most favorite foods to eat have been the butternut squash and strawberry and banana puree! Cooking her food with the Babycook has been SOO fun and easy too! I tell all my friends and family all the time how much I enjoy making Kennedy’s meals and the benefits of making them myself. First, I know what is going inside her meals, and there are no additives or extra sugars or perservatives. Secondly, it saves money to make it myself. Store bought pouches and containers are so amazing, but can be pricey and add up fast. There is also a lot of waste sometimes with baby food, especially if your baby doesn’t end up liking what your are feeding her. I have been buying most of her fruit and veggies organic, but you can save even more money if you by non-organic! I also love the feeling of making her home cooked meals, and I’m very grateful I am able to have the time allowed to do so. A new hobby of mine I’ve picked up is cooking, and using the Beaba Babycook has definitely started it for me. I love having Kennedy eat at the dinner table, and can’t wait for her to join in on all our family dinners together now that she is able to sit in her 4 Moms high chair.

With the 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker, the Beaba Babycook Pro, you can prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw in only 15 minutes! The Babycook looks so sleek and great on our kitchen counter and comes with a recipe booklet, steam basket, spatula, mixing lid, and a step by step manual on how it works. This is a unique one-handed operation, and is very simple to operate once you know how to use the device. I also love how much food it can make at a time- up to 4.7 cups of food!  I easily make Kennedy’s baby food by steaming it, and it alerts me when the steaming process is complete. I then blend it and puree it to the desired texture. Steam cooking the veggies and fruit locks in vitamins and nutrients, which is so important to me as a mother. I always want to make sure my baby is taking in the purest of food and getting her nutrients.

I use the Beaba Multi-Portioned Containers to store the food, and I freeze it. You can easily pop out the portioned food into a tupperware to dethaw the night before, or you can de-thaw and re-heat it in the Babycook Pro! In addition to feeding her solids and introducing new foods this month, I am of course continuing to feed her milk. I stopped breastfeeding at 5 months because I wasn’t producing enough for her and couldn’t keep up with how much she wanted to eat, and Kennedy is now fully on formula. I use the Baby Breeza Formula Maker and have been using the Kirkland Brand Formula (which is only about $16). I was using the Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula, but it was pretty pricey at about $30-50 a container, and we were going through the containers pretty fast! I have been using the new MAM Anti-Colic bottles and have LOVED them. Kennedy drinks from these bottles really great and she is alqays less gassy when she drinks from them. They are anti-colic and have a symetrically shaped nipple. This orthodontic nipple is ideal for baby’s jaw and teeth development.

I am constantly cleaning Kennedy’s bottles, pacifiers, and wiping her high chair tray and hands during feedings. I have been looking for a safe and all natural cleaning product brand, and found Dapple Baby. I use the cleaning spray to wipe down her high chair tray after feedings, and it smells amazing! I like using this spray because it is all natural, plant based and non toxic and smells like Lavender! So I know if her food touches it or she touches it, it won’t harm her. I love the hands + face wipes as well and use those ALL the time when I am on the go with Kennedy. I also wash all her bottles, pacifiers (she loves these ones and these ones), and teething toys (this one and this one) with the bottle dish soap. I highly recommend all the Dapple cleaning products if you are looking for an all natural, non-toxic and safe cleaning product to use around and on your baby!

For Kennedy’s 6 month feedings, her daily schedule usually looks like this:

7:00am- Kennedy wakes up

7:15am- Eats oatmeal and/or strawberry or wanna puree, followed by bottle (4-6 oz.)

7:30am- Playtime

9:00am- Down for 1st nap

10:30-11:00am- Wakes up and eats lunch. This month I have been giving her butternut squash, peas, or sweet potatoes, followed by a bottle afterwards. Playtime or runs errands with mommy until her 2nd nap.

1:00pm- Goes down for 2nd nap

2:30-3:00pm- Wakes up, bottle (4-6oz.), playtime

*Sometimes she will take another cat nap after her playtime for about 45min.

5-6:30pm- Depends when she woke up from her last nap, but I usually like to feed her dinner 2 hours after her last nap.

6:45pm- Bath time

7:00pm- Bedtime and bottle (6oz)





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VIDEO MONITOR | SILK PJs | LAMP | JEWERLY BOX- Home Goods (similar here) | HAIR CURLER | LIPSTICK | LIP GLOSS “Sandy” | BEDDING (similar style here)

Making sure my baby is safe and okay is my number one priority as a new mom. I’m pretty sure, those things are on the forefront of every new and experienced parent’s as well. I was sent this Angelcare AC310 video monitor to try out and review for you guys, and of course I always give my honest review when trying out new products. I won’t post something I don’t or won’t use on my own baby!

After setting it up and trying it out for a couple weeks I have some things I love about it to share. First, the Angelcare monitor has a portable screen that can go anywhere throughout our home. The range of the monitor is 820 feet but if it goes out of range it will alert you. It also alerts you when it is running out of battery which I find very helpful. I would hate to put her down for a nap or to bed and then realize the monitor was out of battery! Another feature that I really love is it shows the baby’s room temperature on the monitor. It will show a red alert when it is too hot, and a blue alert when it is too cold. I like to keep her room between 69-73 degrees, and her nursery always gets hotter than the rooms in our home because she has such a large floor to ceiling window. So having the temperature reading on the monitor is very helpful. The room temperature reports last for two months.

The monitor also will change the screen display for daytime and for nighttime. One of my favorite features is that it has night vision without shining any light, so I can see Kennedy sleeping and check up on her from my room at night without having to go in her nursery! You can mount the camera on the wall, or set it near the crib (3 feet away from the crib for safety), so it is nice having those options! I have it set on her nightstand table, but I am planning on having it mounted on the wall! I also love how it has two way talk, so when she is fussing or crying, I can talk into the monitor and calm her down until I can finish what I’m doing and get to her. The camera and monitor are also so stylish and sleek. I love the white color, how great it looks in her nursery, and matches her nursery decor! I had another monitor that didn’t have nearly has many features as my Angelcare monitor, and it looked horrible in her nursery. I ended up returning it and I’m glad I did, because I LOVE this one and am so glad I got it!

In addition to the Angelcare Baby Monitor, Angelcare has more amazing baby products that I love and use! I have the Angelcare Bath Support, which I use for Kennedy’s bath time. She had outgrown her other baby bath tub that I was using at the kitchen sink, and found it difficult to bath her laying down in the bath tub. The Angelcare Bath Support is placed in the bathtub, and keeps her head and ears out of the water but I was able to put most of her body in the warm water! I love using the bath support in the bath tub so she can be supported in a seat, yet get to splash her legs and play with her bath toys still! This makes a great baby shower gift in addition to the baby monitor or you can register for it for your own baby shower!

Angelcare products are sold at most large baby retailers such as buybuy BABY, Babies R’ Us, Amazon, Target,, and Walmart! Target, buybuy BABY and Amazon have great baby registries and are really easy to use! XOXO



A Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Travel with Baby Tips A Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Traveling with Baby and Baby Products

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I have traveled on an airplane and on small road trips with Kennedy, but I am no expert on traveling with a baby. But I want to share with you some things and tips that have worked for Kennedy and I when traveling! Kennedy is five months old now, and I have flown four times with her (two times by myself!!!), and have done three driving road trips with her!

The biggest tip I have for anyone traveling with a baby for the first time is to be prepared. I started shopping for things I would need for my flight  and trip way in advance and I had already done all my research on what I would need for the flight and what I would need for the actual trip. It takes lots of pre-planning and being ORGANIZED!!! I went to buybuy BABY before my trip to get everything I needed. I have been to lots of baby stores, and buybuy BABY by far has the BEST selection and the best staff0- they are always so so helpful. They are very knowledgeable about every product and some of the workers I talked to are parents themselves, so they had some advice on their experience with the products as well. So I suggest, if you have time to prepare, to go to a buybuy BABY store near you and shop for the products. Of course, their online store is just as amazing and I love shopping their online site as well!

Another big tip I have is to check with your airline on what you will need to bring for your baby. I fly Southwest with Kennedy, and I brought her birth certificate and I had to show it at the ticket counter. If you are flying alone like I was, you can try to be extra friendly or find some worker who looks nice ;), and ask if your spouse or whoever is with you to escort you through security to the gate. The Southwest worker was really sweet and gave my husband a special pass so he can help me through security and walk us to our gate! That was SUCH a blessing because going through security with all my bags and stroller, car seat and the baby was stressing me out. So much so, I even practiced at home the night before so I would make sure it went smoothly! haha I checked all my luggage and kept the Babyhome stroller, Maxi Cosi Mico 30 carseat, Fawn diaper bag, Doc a Tot, and my personal purse for the airplane. Looking back it was a bit much to haul through the airport, but all the things I brought I ended up using. While we were waiting for our plane to arrive which was over an hour, I was able to set the doc a tot down and lay her down in it at the gate. She played there and was entertained with her toys until the plane came. I wanted to keep the stroller with me so it would be easy to carry my bags and clip the doc a tot on it. Luckily, there was extra seats on the flight, so I was able to bring the car seat on the seat next to me!!! This was another big blessing, and I honestly don’t know how I would’ve survived the almost four hour flight without that extra seat. It was easy to reach down into my bags and prepare her bottles without having her wiggling in my lap. If you are able to afford to pay for an infant or extra seat, I would totally say DO IT!!!!! It makes traveling so much easier! She sat in her car seat most of the time playing and eventually fell asleep! She didn’t cry once and was so happy and smiley the whole time. I tried to not get stressed and to be happy and smiley with Kennedy, and I think that made a huge difference on her mood the whole time. Babies can pick up on your mood and can pick up on bad energy, and will get in a bad mood if you are stressed and in a bad mood. I made sure during take off and landing to give her a bottle to prevent her ears from getting clogged. Most babies will scream and cry at take off and landing, because the air pressure hurts their ears. On the flight back home, my husband Alex was there to help, which was nice because this time she cried a few times! We brought the doc a tot and layed it down across our laps and she napped a couple times on it! This flight we were also lucky, because we had a whole row to ourselves. From hearing stories from friends and family and my own flying experience, flying with Southwest is so great if you have a baby. They are really family friendly and are really helpful if you have a baby. They have changing pads in all their bathrooms, which is nice because Kennedy had about 3 diaper changes during the flight. Some other airlines I heard don’t have ANY changing pads on their planes. Southwest also lets you check the car seat and stroller for free with your other luggage. If you do check the stroller and car seat, I would definitely invest in a padded cover for both. I have heard stories from other moms saying the car seat broke and so did their nice stroller from being thrown around in baggage and transport.

For airplane and car rides, I find it is easier to quickly feed her the liquid premixed formula (or breastfeed if you are breastfeeding!). My hands are always full and sometimes didn’t have a hand free to reach down into the bag, pull everything out and take the time to mix it. So this made my travels with a baby go more smoothly. Just a heads up, most airports will need to do a special screening for any liquid formula or water brought through security. You ARE allowed to bring water throughs security if it is for your formula, but they will need to test it which takes extra time. I had to get a full pat down for bringing my pre-made liquid formula. So make sure you have someone to hold your baby or have the car seat or stroller handy to set your baby down during this. It was a hassle of course, but much easier to have it all ready for when she was hungry on the plane!

I also love bringing my Lille Baby carrier wherever I go with Kennedy! I used this in the airport when I needed my hands free to deal with luggage and such, walking around the city, at the grocery store, or when you just want your baby close to you. It’s also good if you know you are going to be out and about for a long time and don’t want your baby’s head resting on the car seat for too long (to prevent a flat spot).

At all of our parent’s houses in California, we had Kennedy sleep in a pack n play, like the one listed above. It was great because it fit her doc a tot, and it is easy to take into another room if we needed to watch her. I used the Babyhome stroller the entire trip in California and brought it because it is SO light and fits easily in people’s cars. It folds really compact and fits in the cars when we had all of luggage as well. I also like how it has a big storage basket on the bottom for shopping and holding all her stuff. I bought the Maxi Cosi car seat attachments so it is compatible with our car seat which is the Maxi Cosi Mico 30. I also used the Blooming Bath for the three weeks I was in California. It fits in most kitchen sinks, and it’s easy to ring out and put away. It folds up nicely and didn’t take up too much room in my suitcase.

We did a road trip last month to Austin, Texas with Kennedy and that also took some planning as well. It’s a hassle and time consuming to plan her outfits, toys and necessities ahead of time, but things go so much smoother this way I think. For the road trip I always make sure I bring a portable changing bag and the bags to put the dirty diaper in. I have used this in the car for quick changes, the hotel, or when we are out and about. It’s nice to have those small diaper bags to put clothes that have blowouts on them when you are on the plane or in the car.

Hope you guys got some useful information on my travel tips post! Please comment or email me with any questions and I am happy to answer them! XOXO

*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.