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I have traveled on an airplane and on small road trips with Kennedy, but I am no expert on traveling with a baby. But I want to share with you some things and tips that have worked for Kennedy and I when traveling! Kennedy is five months old now, and I have flown four times with her (two times by myself!!!), and have done three driving road trips with her!

The biggest tip I have for anyone traveling with a baby for the first time is to be prepared. I started shopping for things I would need for my flight  and trip way in advance and I had already done all my research on what I would need for the flight and what I would need for the actual trip. It takes lots of pre-planning and being ORGANIZED!!! I went to buybuy BABY before my trip to get everything I needed. I have been to lots of baby stores, and buybuy BABY by far has the BEST selection and the best staff0- they are always so so helpful. They are very knowledgeable about every product and some of the workers I talked to are parents themselves, so they had some advice on their experience with the products as well. So I suggest, if you have time to prepare, to go to a buybuy BABY store near you and shop for the products. Of course, their online store is just as amazing and I love shopping their online site as well!

Another big tip I have is to check with your airline on what you will need to bring for your baby. I fly Southwest with Kennedy, and I brought her birth certificate and I had to show it at the ticket counter. If you are flying alone like I was, you can try to be extra friendly or find some worker who looks nice ;), and ask if your spouse or whoever is with you to escort you through security to the gate. The Southwest worker was really sweet and gave my husband a special pass so he can help me through security and walk us to our gate! That was SUCH a blessing because going through security with all my bags and stroller, car seat and the baby was stressing me out. So much so, I even practiced at home the night before so I would make sure it went smoothly! haha I checked all my luggage and kept the Babyhome stroller, Maxi Cosi Mico 30 carseat, Fawn diaper bag, Doc a Tot, and my personal purse for the airplane. Looking back it was a bit much to haul through the airport, but all the things I brought I ended up using. While we were waiting for our plane to arrive which was over an hour, I was able to set the doc a tot down and lay her down in it at the gate. She played there and was entertained with her toys until the plane came. I wanted to keep the stroller with me so it would be easy to carry my bags and clip the doc a tot on it. Luckily, there was extra seats on the flight, so I was able to bring the car seat on the seat next to me!!! This was another big blessing, and I honestly don’t know how I would’ve survived the almost four hour flight without that extra seat. It was easy to reach down into my bags and prepare her bottles without having her wiggling in my lap. If you are able to afford to pay for an infant or extra seat, I would totally say DO IT!!!!! It makes traveling so much easier! She sat in her car seat most of the time playing and eventually fell asleep! She didn’t cry once and was so happy and smiley the whole time. I tried to not get stressed and to be happy and smiley with Kennedy, and I think that made a huge difference on her mood the whole time. Babies can pick up on your mood and can pick up on bad energy, and will get in a bad mood if you are stressed and in a bad mood. I made sure during take off and landing to give her a bottle to prevent her ears from getting clogged. Most babies will scream and cry at take off and landing, because the air pressure hurts their ears. On the flight back home, my husband Alex was there to help, which was nice because this time she cried a few times! We brought the doc a tot and layed it down across our laps and she napped a couple times on it! This flight we were also lucky, because we had a whole row to ourselves. From hearing stories from friends and family and my own flying experience, flying with Southwest is so great if you have a baby. They are really family friendly and are really helpful if you have a baby. They have changing pads in all their bathrooms, which is nice because Kennedy had about 3 diaper changes during the flight. Some other airlines I heard don’t have ANY changing pads on their planes. Southwest also lets you check the car seat and stroller for free with your other luggage. If you do check the stroller and car seat, I would definitely invest in a padded cover for both. I have heard stories from other moms saying the car seat broke and so did their nice stroller from being thrown around in baggage and transport.

For airplane and car rides, I find it is easier to quickly feed her the liquid premixed formula (or breastfeed if you are breastfeeding!). My hands are always full and sometimes didn’t have a hand free to reach down into the bag, pull everything out and take the time to mix it. So this made my travels with a baby go more smoothly. Just a heads up, most airports will need to do a special screening for any liquid formula or water brought through security. You ARE allowed to bring water throughs security if it is for your formula, but they will need to test it which takes extra time. I had to get a full pat down for bringing my pre-made liquid formula. So make sure you have someone to hold your baby or have the car seat or stroller handy to set your baby down during this. It was a hassle of course, but much easier to have it all ready for when she was hungry on the plane!

I also love bringing my Lille Baby carrier wherever I go with Kennedy! I used this in the airport when I needed my hands free to deal with luggage and such, walking around the city, at the grocery store, or when you just want your baby close to you. It’s also good if you know you are going to be out and about for a long time and don’t want your baby’s head resting on the car seat for too long (to prevent a flat spot).

At all of our parent’s houses in California, we had Kennedy sleep in a pack n play, like the one listed above. It was great because it fit her doc a tot, and it is easy to take into another room if we needed to watch her. I used the Babyhome stroller the entire trip in California and brought it because it is SO light and fits easily in people’s cars. It folds really compact and fits in the cars when we had all of luggage as well. I also like how it has a big storage basket on the bottom for shopping and holding all her stuff. I bought the Maxi Cosi car seat attachments so it is compatible with our car seat which is the Maxi Cosi Mico 30. I also used the Blooming Bath for the three weeks I was in California. It fits in most kitchen sinks, and it’s easy to ring out and put away. It folds up nicely and didn’t take up too much room in my suitcase.

We did a road trip last month to Austin, Texas with Kennedy and that also took some planning as well. It’s a hassle and time consuming to plan her outfits, toys and necessities ahead of time, but things go so much smoother this way I think. For the road trip I always make sure I bring a portable changing bag and the bags to put the dirty diaper in. I have used this in the car for quick changes, the hotel, or when we are out and about. It’s nice to have those small diaper bags to put clothes that have blowouts on them when you are on the plane or in the car.

Hope you guys got some useful information on my travel tips post! Please comment or email me with any questions and I am happy to answer them! XOXO

*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.




A Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Baby Girl Flower Four Month UpdateA Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Baby Girl Baby Bling Bows A Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Baby Girl Kennedy Harper Jones A Touch of Pink Blog Katelyn Jones Baby Girl Beautiful Baby


This past month has been such a big change for both Kennedy and I! I feel like 4 months was a turning point month for me as a mother. This is when I feel like I am more confident and getting better at everything, and I’m not worrying as much as I used to. We are also both getting the hang of our routine and I’m more in tune to her needs and wants quicker now. Kennedy has also changed so much in just this month alone. Here are some changes that have happened over this month and some milestones:


  • She has grown over an inch and is about two pounds heavier! She is now 27″ long and 16 lbs 5 oz! She is in the 100th percentile for height and the 83rd percentle for weight! She is quite the tall girlie and is even longer than most of the 8-10 month old babies in her Little Gym class. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes, but is fitting in 9 month outfits (lengthwise) now!
  • She has started rolling over on her own ( back to belly), and can now push her hands and arms up to look around when she is on her belly. She has also rolled belly to back, but only a few times.
  • She is such a big girl now and sleeps in her own crib at night in her nursery but still takes her naps in the Halo bassinet in our room. She is still sleeping about 12 hours straight a night, which mommy and daddy are so thankful for! More on her sleep/ daytime schedule below!
  • We had her try baby food a couple times and she actually liked it! So far she has tried sweet potatoes and apples & bananas! But I am still going to hold off starting baby food FULLY until she is six months old. That is what her pediatrician recommended and I also read it prevents allergies when you start baby food at six months. I just recieved the Baby Beaba Babycook in the cutest Mint/latte color, and I can’t wait to start making some of her baby food with it!
  • She can sit up in her Bumbo seat and for a few seconds on her own on her playmat!
  • Kennedy loves grabbing things and putting them in her mouth! She also likes sucking on her fingers and her fist. I got her this banana teething toy and the Sophie the Giraffe, and she LOVES holding them and chewing on them now! It took her a while to get the concept of holding them and actually putting them in her mouth to teeth on, but I practiced and helped her with it and she finally got the hang of doing it by herself.
  • She is cooing and making lots of grunts and other noises now! I love to hear her “talk” and being more vocal. She doesn’t do it all day, but here and there throughout the day!
  • I have been taking her to a mommy and me baby class every week! It’s at a place called The Little Gym and Kennedy LOVES it! She is smiling the whole time and loves interacting and playing with the other babies! They have them do fun activities and games that help them with milestones and their development. I have already noticed an improvement in her willingness to try things and master them quicker since doing the Little Gym class!
  • She is recongnizing people now and remembering them. She will remember friends of mine and other little babies she has met before. She has a little boyfriend John who is the same age as her, and she gets SO excited when she sees him! It is the cutest thing in the world!!!





Here is Kennedy’s 5 MONTH daytime and sleep schedule:

This is just a rough schedule on what her day as a 4 month old usually looks like. Everyday is different, and some days we are out running errands at different times. But I usually try to follow this daytime nap and sleep schedule for her! I’ve been trying to do this routine for the past 2 months, and she has been really good now at going down for her naps and to bed! This routine will also change according to how much she wants to nap throughout the day. Also some time during her “playtime” I will hold her or put her in the carrier while I do tasks around the house. I also clean her eyes for her blocked tear duct after she eats during the day. Before her naps were so all over the place and never on a schedule, but this month was really a turning point on her “getting” her nap routine. I personally think having a daytime and bedtime routine for a baby is so good for them and makes them feel secure and happy because they can kind of predict what is coming next. I love having her on a routine (even though it isn’t perfect every day) and getting her to bed early!

7-7:30am- Wake up, feed her, and then change her

8am-9:30am- Tummy time first for as long as she can stand and then playtime. After I do tummy time with her, I will put her on one of her playmats (she loves this one) or in her Baby Einstein jumper while I make breakfast. After a little bit, she will start yawning and when she starts to get fussy, I know she needs her nap. She will usually sleep 1-1.5 hours after waking up.

9:30am-10:30am- Her first nap of the day. I have her sleep in her Halo bassinet which is in our bedroom during the day. Our room gets less light during the day than her nursery, and I notice she will nap longer in the bassinet. I also put the Doc a Tot in the bassinet for her to sleep in too. I make sure the room is dark, the fan is on, then I turn on the white noise on the iPad (I love the free white noise app), turn on the susher, and then I lay her down while she is awake but still sleepy. I will then turn on the vibrations which is on the bassinet and this will make her really sleepy fast! I give her the NUK pacifier and her most favorite blanket ever- this Barefoot Dreams blanket! She will always grab it and snuggle with it. I then rock the bassinet back and forth a little bit until she falls asleep. This is the nap time routine I do for mostly all her naps. She will usually sleep 1 to 1.5 hours each nap.

10:30am-12:30pm- Feeding, tummy time, and playtime! This is usually the window where I go out and run errands after she does her tummy time. I’ve been trying to do lots of tummy time in-between all her naps to avoid a flat head and to strengthen her neck and back muscles. She will either fall asleep at the end of our trip out or I’ll be home in time to put her down for her nap again. Even if she falls asleep in her car seat, I will always take her out and put her in her bassinet so she can finish her nap in there.

1:30pm-3:00pm- Feeding, tummy time, and play time. Some days I will take her on a 3 mile walk or work on reading books. I try to read several books to her during the day, and I like reading to her during this time. Even though she doesn’t understand what I’m saying yet, she loves looking at the pictures and hearing my voice read to her! I think it’s important to have them get a love for reading and books, and the sooner the better!

3:00pm-4:30pm- She then will go down for the her last nap of the day! I try to not let her nap after 5pm anymore and I don’t let her stay up for more than 3 hours after her last nap. If she naps past 5pm I won’t wake her up, but I just won’t giver her the evening nap she used to take.

4:30pm- I will feed her, change her and then almost always drive with her to meet Alex for dinner in Downtown. He works everyday until past 10pm usually later, so he is never home for dinnertime. He works very long hours, so basically it’s just me with her all day and night while he is at work during the week. Kennedy loves seeing her daddy and eating with him!

6:30pm- I will come back home and start winding her down and start getting her ready for bed.

6:45-7pm- Usually during this time I get her bath ready and give her a bath! She loves bath time and even if she is fussy during this time of night, she will always get really happy for her bath. I bathe her in her bathroom in the big tub. I put her on the Angel Care bath support which I have been really loving. It keeps her body supported in the bath but she can still splash her legs around. I will fill the water a little bit above her hips. I try to have a longer bath and have her splash and kick a lot to get her tired. It usually gets her really tired afterwards!

7:15pm- After her bath, I do her bedtime routine which I have been doing for her since she was a newborn. I dry her off and put on a diaper, put lotion on her face and body and give her a little baby massage, then I put on her Owlet monitor sock, pjs, and the put her in the ErgoPouch sleep suit! This keeps her warm without the need to put blankets in her crib! I read her a book in the glider in her nursery, and afterwards turn on the white noise machine and the susher. Once she hears those things she will get really sleepy and start rubbing her eyes. I feed her a bottle of about 5-6 ounces and she is almost always asleep at the end of drinking her bottle. I try to burp her and then lay her down in the our favorite the Doc a Tot in her crib.

7:30pm-7:30am- Baby girl will usually sleep for 11-12 hours straight every night! I keep her Owlet heart rate monitor on so if anything happened, an alarm will sound on our phones. I also use the Nest monitor and keep it on loud on my iPad next to my bed all night so I can hear her cry if she ever woke up.


  • Sparrow Deigns– I got a couple cute onesies from this shop and they are SO cute and mostly unisex!
  • Smocked Auctions– I love their bubbles and rompers for spring and summer! They are so easy for her the wear and are super comfy too! I stocked up on some for the warmer months coming up!
  • The 1st Years– They have really cute unique and custom clothes for babies! I have personalized sneakers for Kennedy and a super cute onesie that says “Mama is My Bestie.” Their products and clothes make great baby shower gifts!
  • Baby Gap and Old Navy– I love these stores because they always have some great staple pieces such as dresses, sweaters/jackets, and pants for each season. I got Kennedy a few dresses, bubbles, shoes and rompers for spring!



The Classic Bow

Baby Bling Bows

Purple Rose Bows

Charlie Coco’s



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Since becoming a mom, one of the things on the top of my favorite baby products list has been my Baby Brezza Formula Pro! I was sent this formula maker to try it out and see how I liked and I honestly have LOVED having this product!!! Since Kennedy was in the NICU for 2 weeks, they were giving her both formula and my breast milk. When we brought her home, I decided to continue breastfeeding her and giving her formula. In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds. I love nursing her throughout the day and having that close bond, and knowing I can feed her. But I also like giving her formula when I am out and about running errands or if my husband is at home watching her. Something that has helped  Kennedy sleep throughout the night (about 8 hours straight at one month, and now 10-12 hours), is feeding her bottle of formula before bed. I will nurse her before bath time, and then give her a bottle of formula right before bed. I have found this has helped keep her full all throughout the night. Knock on wood, she hasn’t woken up in the night for a couple months! Every baby is different, but this is what has worked for Kennedy!

The Formula Pro uses patented technology to measure, dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency. With pushing one button, you can start making your baby’s bottle in seconds and the bottle has no air bubbles! The machine can make formula for any size bottle with any amount of formula you want: 2, 4, 5, 8, or 10 ounces! Most bottles will be completely mixed and require no additional shaking. I love that I also don’t have to hassle with heating up the bottle because it prepares the milk with warm milk at the perfect temperature for babies.

There are so many reasons why I love using our Baby Brezza Formula Pro, but one of them is how quickly and perfectly it mixes the formula. When I have to hand mix it, there are lots of bubbles from shaking the bottle. But the Formula Pro mixes it perfectly with no bubbles, which is easier on her tummy. Also, I can quickly make her a bottle in seconds while I’m still holding her and there is no mess afterwards! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a formula maker and I promise this will make a new mom’s life so much easier- especially if you are feeding just formula!

I also received a set of their bottles to test out, and I love those as well! They hold up to 9oz and I like how it’s shorter and wider, rather than longer. It has a breast-like nipple which eases transitions from breast to bottle and back, while limiting nipple confusion. It also has a air valve which releases air in the bottle during feedings- which prevents upset tummies and colic.




Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Newborn Must-Haves Baby Products

Hello guys! Today I am sharing my Top 15: Newborn Must-Haves! I finally have my Newborn Favorites Video up!! It’s been so hard getting around to editing this with my baby taking up most of my time! But I have been dying to get this video up for you guys, because I love sharing things that have helped me out so much! Having a newborn is tough and a LOT of work. So having these products handy is so nice to ease stress and make new mom life that much easier!

These are all products I LOVE and have worked so well with my daughter Kennedy! From swaddles to my favorite bottles, I’m sharing some neat gadgets as well! Be sure to also check out my hospital bag video if you’re expecting your little one soon!

Hope you guys like the video, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss any of my upcoming videos! You can get the products in the video by clicking the links in the description box or the pictures below!



Katelyn Jones A Touch of Pink Three Month Update Kennedy Harper Jones Baby Girl Flower

Kennedy was 3 months old on December 21st, so I’m a little late in writing this. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss updating on what’s been going on with her in her 3rd month of life!

Kennedy Harper is currently 14 lbs 9 oz and 26″ long! She is already fitting into 6 month outfits (depends on the brand), and I’m still trying to get some use out of all the 0-3 month outfits and squeeze her in them haha! I notice this month she has been less fussy and crying less often than in the first and second months. Knock on wood though- things could change! I am breastfeeding her still and supplementing with some formula if I can tell she didn’t eat enough. She is a big eater and eats ALOT! She has been eating around 5-6 oz from a bottle every 2-3 hours. She has been drinking up to 8 ounces a couple times which is crazy, but mainly just 6 ounces. I still feed her a bottle of formula at night before bed (I love this brand), and it keeps her full throughout the night. She sleeps on average around 10-13 hours straight! Since we got back home to Texas from our Christmas vacation in California, she has been sleeping in her own room in her crib every night. I am also trying to get her to nap in her crib as well. I feel good now about having her sleep in her crib because we have the Owlet which would alert us if anything was happening, and the Nest camera! I leave the Nest camera on all night on my iPad next to my bed so I can always wake up if she is crying. But it’s so nice having her sleep in her own room now because we don’t have to tip toe around her and we can actually talk and do things before bed! haha

She has been holding her head up better and loves sitting in her Bumbo seat! She also will push up on her legs when I lift her up. She also held her own bottle for the first time a few nights ago and was drinking from it!! She loves to coo, babble and blow bubbles all the time. She also kicks and flaps her arms and has the funniest serious face when she does it! Alex and I always laugh so hard when she does it! She also LOVES bath time even more now that she is getting baths in the tub. I lay a towel down for padding and fill it up a little bit. She loves to splash and play with her toys in there. It gets her tired just in time for bed time!

She has also started laughing out loud and laughed SO hard when Alex makes funny faces and dances! Luckily, the first times she started laughing, I got it on video! I love when she laughs, and I try to get her to laugh all the time now. She also loves people and going out and about with mommy! She finds her new world so fascinating and it entertains her so much more now! XOXO